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Amazing quilting and tapestry pieces

Came across an amazing collection of various quilting pieces for your viewing pleasure. Afraid that I don't have any informaiton on who the artists are, so if you are, or know who is - please let me know.

There is nothing that I like to do more, than to give credit to the talented human beings that fill out world with beauty.

Mizuhiki - Japanese epic macrame

Mizuhiki is an ancient Japanese art of weaving and tying paper cords (washi paper) into elegant and complicated knots, decorations, patterns, or even shapes. It’s kind of like macramé, but more epic.

Some of the mizuhiki pieces are created and used to be used in specific ceremonies (like weddings), and have a very specific symbolism behind them.

Here are some of the examples that I found around the net:

Painted stones

There are few things in the world that I love the most. Rocks and painting are two of them. But put them together - and its an epic awesomeness that cannot be described in words.
Here is an awesome gallery i found on Flikr. these rocks are painted by Doris Epple, and the pictures are from a 1973 book from Germany.

Felt toys

This gallery is pretty much a tribute to Cute Overload, because, man, I was weeping from the amount of adorable here.
Artist Natalya Fedeeva is a professional textile artist, who lives in St. Petersburg. Her creatures are breathtaking.

I cannot post anymore. Blogspot will implode from the cuteness. Please visit her site for a huge gallery of awesome stuff.

Garden jewelry - Mrs Dazo

I was unable to find much more on this amazing artist, other than she is from Singapore, and has an Etsy shop.
Her creations are dainty, and unique. Incorporating small metal creatures and beads - they are more art than jewelry. And its all reasonably priced (although not all of the items that I found online are being sold in the store.)

Wearble Food

And again with the food. I swear, I have some sort of an undiagnosed "thing" with food.

South Korean artist Sung Yeon Ju apparently has two passions - fashion design and food. combining the two,she creates unforgettable bouquet of colors and form. Unfortunately, these pieces are not wearable.

via Trendland.