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About the Ws

I've always wanted to have an "About me" section made in an interview format. Maybe so that I can pretend that I am being interviewed on TV about some important thing that I've doing or have made.

So, pretend I am sitting on a high director's chair, wearing fashionable sunglasses and sipping a maraschino.Moccachino. Moccassino? Coffee.

What is the W's blog all about?
Everyone is good at something, and I seem to be good at wasting time on the internet. And the reason I am so good, is because I can find unending amount of "interesting" out there. The W's is basically me sharing with my fellow bloggers the cool, the new, the interesting, the beautiful that I found.

What made you decide to make this blog?
The love of seeing things, I suppose. Not just things, but galleries upon galleries of various objects. I have dozens of websites bookmarked that I regularly visit, where I can just...look at things. It's a compulsion, really.

Do you bother researching?
Actually, I do, somewhat. It all depends on my chosen subject. If I am posting a gallery of someone's artwork or craft, I try to find the artist's website or gallery. I think it's important that the people who create beautiful things get recognition.

How come you don't have sources listed sometimes, then?
Honestly, some of the things I find at odd places, like forums, where there is no source listed. If I am missing the source or the link to the person who created the piece, I will be glad to add it, should someone find it online.

What's the point of this blog?
To share something. To give a few moments of "ooh, that's pretty awesome" to someone who might be sitting at home bored, or in-between chores, or in a cubicle in an office somewhere.It is also a tool for creative minds across the globe to get new ideas for their own work. Its an inspiration album, you might say.

I found this awesome stuff, can I submit it?

Yes, however, please specify where you found it. Please include the author's website/gallery link.

How do I contact you?
You are free to comment on the site directly (I read all comments).