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Embroidered landscapes

I found this amazing artist by chance, actually. Meet, Kirsten Chursinoff. Any kind of needlework is very special to me, and her art is so delicate and vibrant.. I just love starting at it.

Please visit her blog, because it's definitely a unique and wonderful experience.

Beaded mitt-bracelets

I get so excited when I find a hand accessory. I love the fingerless gloves and the mitt-like hand accessories. Not sure what they are called. Boutique Bonheur is the creator of these amazing sparklies.

Eggshell ornaments - diaramas

Found this "gem" on one of the russian blogs. The link includes instructions on how to make it as well.
Now I want to try and make my own. Maybe I will. =)

Quirky wearrable art

Jillian Palone creates these quirky, colorful and beautiful little sculptures, some of which can be work as jewelry. I love it. the colors are so vibrant, and the lines are so simply, crisp, yet captivating.

via DailyArtMuse

Light-hearted children's books illustration

Alena Otto-Fradina is a Russian illustrator and artist who lives in Germany. I love her work, especially her cat pictures. They are so light and kind, reminding of a simpler times, full of wonder and innocence. Hope they make you smile as well.

Please visit the artist's site in order to see gallery of her other works.