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Playing with Food:Jello

I dunno about you, but I have to thank whoever discovered jello. Not only its light, easy to make, sweet, and pretty, but you can make amazing stuff out of it if you know how.

Check out this nifty idea: Glass block jello from Our Best Bite.

This little amazing thing apparently is incredibly easy to make:
All you need is, red and green jello, some cherries, little flues with rounded bottoms. Make the red jello in little flutes with cherry in it. Then out of the green jello - cut out the leave shapes and place on little cute dish.

Here are some other interesting and cute jello creations from all over the place.

This is actually meat jello, which is delicious (if you are not vegetarian).

Liz Hicock, an artist, makes amazing cityscapes our of jello:

Make sure to visit her site for more amazing and delicious masterpieces.

To close this for now, behold - 3D jello flowers in jello. These are made out of jello, and at home using just a few creative methods:

If you read Russian, you can get the instruction on how to do it here.Apparently this involves colored jello and a syringe, and a method of cutting opening in a made jello and injecting another color inside.


  1. Wowsers! bookmarking this for the next dinner i make for someone. :) but fyi - all jello has meat in it - jello is made from gelatin which is crushed animal bones. :P

  2. Actually, a lot of gelatin is made from seaweed and is vegetarian. :)

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  6.! Especially to the last flower jello creations. But the cherry jellos are too cute!I wonder how you get the jello to not stick to the mould...or does it always just come loose easily? I dunno, i've never tried it!

  7. put your jello that has been set into a bowl of warm water to the top rim; do not overflow. Leave in for a few seconds and shake gently when you take it out of the water, if it wiggles freely it is ready to invert, place a plate over the top and turn upside down. If it doesn't wiggle freely, put back into the warm water and repeat the process until it comes loose