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Mother-of-pearl splendor

Also known as "nacre", its the organic material that lines mollusk shells and that the pearls are made of. Well, you can look it up in Wikipedia if you really want to know. One thing that's really awesome about it, is that it looks amazing, and people can make some truly amazing artwork out of it. Check this out.


  1. wow! blows me away that people can do this kinda thing - or even where they come up with the idea. LOL.

  2. Wow, those are beautiful. I've seen work done with mother of peral before, but I've never seen a box like that or fans like that. This kind of artistic talent is amazing.

    AubrieAnne @

  3. Ooh...! These are pretty... I especially love the fans! And the colourful little temple (?) scenery is lovely too.

    Tnx for visiting and your lovely comment at Naturally Me Creations! :)