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Ceramic Creatures

This collection was found while browsing the web. Sadly, I have no idea who the artist is, if you know, please let me know!
Update: Thea creators of these amazing creatures have been located (Thanks, Sel!):
Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontiev. Not only I can now give them credit for these wonderful creations, but their website also features many more!

French Pastries

Found on the web - a collection of delectable and pretty french pastries. This is more of a tease. And I am so totally hungry now.

Chinese Szhou silk embroidery

Szou silk embroidery is one of the few stiles in Chinese embroidery - an ancient art of embroidering with silk threads. It is known for painstaking precision and breathtaking color nuances. Here are some of the examples that I was able to find on the web.

Spring time in Still Life

I wanted to share this wonderful photography work by Inna Korobova. Her works are beautiful and inspiring. There is just something peaceful about still life, have you noticed? I find it very relaxing to look at those photos. And sometimes hungry.

Please be sure to visit the photographer's site to see more of her work. Its really enchanting!