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Infant learning book

This amazing "Alice in Wonderland" book was obviously created to be the "touch-n-feel book". Creative ways to get a kid familiar with various textures, colors and activities. Simply fantastic!

I could not find it's author, unfortunately, but I am pretty sure it came from Etsy.It's a shame not to be able to give the author proper credit. If you find him or her, please let me know.


  1. That is a VERY cute book~!!! I want to touch it too...hehe

    Following from Mingle Monday and GFC follow *heavensent1*...ifn you have a moment...could you please stop by my place and have a look around... Mad Moose Mama - Have a groovy day...peaces...xoxo

  2. Wow, I love the book! You can see that alot of work and love went into its creation. I found you through Aquariann's winter blog hop, I look forward to following your blog :-)

  3. What a really cute idea! I wouldn't mind making something like this if i ever have kids.

    Btw, I've awarded the Stylish Blogger Award to you (and your blog). :) If you're into accepting awards like this and would like to "claim your badge", please let me know? :)

    Here's the link to the award ceremony! :)