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Ideas: Recycle into fun and beautiful useful things

1. This is a simple but pretty unique and elegant way to organize earrings, using just a few easy-t0-find items.

All you need is a pretty fingerless glove.

And a bottle of any size.

"Dress" the bottle in the glove, wrist opening down. Use a few stitches to secure on the bottom. You can just fold the top neatly to tuck the material and secure with a pretty ribbon.

You can use a variety of containers, including a simple plastic cup, to store various jewelry items.

2)Got left over embroidery yarn and not sure what to do with it? Make Christmas ornaments!

Found on Russian craft blog

3) Used light bulbs recycled into elegant flower vases.

Carefully saw off the end of the lightbulb and take out the "guts". Make holes on the metal sides, so you can hang them.


  1. Such cute ideas; I need to be more creative!

  2. Love those light bulbs! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!