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Alkhemia: Pendants

These gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and other accessories are made by Alkhemia from what appears to be wire and polymer clay. Also I see that the artist uses some gems and beads as well. Unfortunately I cannot read Italian but I was able to navigate the artist's webpage with the help of trusty Google translate.

Please visit the artist's site, because the small snippet of her work that I am able to post here really does not due the justice to the sheer volume and creativity of this person. She also offers many tutorials of her work. You can also see some of her work on Flikr.
If someone is able to find more information about the artist, I would love to know and include here.

Felted critters

Our fellow blogger Voroniha is the creator of these amazing creatures. Using various materials these unusual creations are unique. The artist's work was pictures in numerous galleries and fairs in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

I can honestly say that I have not seen anything like this before, and I am thoroughly enchanted by these delicate creations.

Kinusaiga - silk mosaic

I was unable to find any information about this Japanese art or recycling old kimonos into silk paintings. The technique, from what I understand involves creating a painting, and transferring the sketch on a wooden panel. After that, selecting the colors of silk pieces, and cutting slivers of it to fill in the image.

The wooden panel then gets thin slits alongside the various details of the picture. the slivers of silk, then, are carefully wedged in those slits, "coloring" the panting". Sounds pretty lengthy work, but the result is amazing. The painting takes on a very unusual texture and clarity of detail. Precise and delicately beautiful, much like Japan itself.

Infant learning book

This amazing "Alice in Wonderland" book was obviously created to be the "touch-n-feel book". Creative ways to get a kid familiar with various textures, colors and activities. Simply fantastic!

I could not find it's author, unfortunately, but I am pretty sure it came from Etsy.It's a shame not to be able to give the author proper credit. If you find him or her, please let me know.

Skia's foxes

Skia is a German artist, who is simply enchanting. I especially adore her foxes, who are, believe me, will force you to fall in love with them.
Please visit the artist's gallery for her other artwork.Unfortunately I was unable to find much more about the artist.If you know of her, or have more information, please let me know.

Mouse jump



Foxtard duo


Fleabag (I think this is one of my favorites)

Little firefox

Efnir the musician

Curse of domestication

Die tomato

Cub sitting

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