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Idea: Tin Foil Christmas village

Found this on one of the Russian crafting sites, and fell in love with this idea. Seems that all you pretty much need is some embossing soft metal/foil (I believe most well-stocked craft stores would have something like that).

The site does warn against using candles, even tea lights, near a Christmas tree. I would suggest actually going without fire, but instead invest in some fake tea-lights, which are basically small LED lights, shaped like tea lights, and even have that artificial candle-like flicker. They usually come with batteries as well!

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  1. Hello! I am hoping to do this project with some students of mine but can't for the life of me figure out how to make the house stay together just from the pictures...Do you have a step by step tutorial written out by any chance? That would be amazing! I love this and know my students will have a wonderful time making one! If you have a link to the original site I'd love to know that as well. This project is all over Pinterest and how I found it as well. They look great! Hoping to hear from you!