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Quilts and Tapestries - Tom Atkins

"The work here shows my journey into the relationship of beads and fabric.
It started when I was rear-ended on the freeway and couldn't do sculpture any more. I could, however, manage fabric and beads. Since I needed a new job, I began to explore the relationships between beaded and quilted surfaces and how they relate. I wanted to see beads as an integral part of the design, not just sitting on the surface. Beads and fabric complementing one another, neither one predominating, balanced. These quilts are the results of my explorations to find that balance."

- Tom Atkins

That's quite a story, and what amazing work! He mentions that his sister, Robin Atkins, has been his mentor and inspiration (I intend to feature her site on my blog as well). I am quite in love with beads and his work.


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