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Amazing paper sculptures

These creations are made by a couple of Russian designers - Aleksey Lyapunov and Lena Erlikh. Please visit their site for more amazing works! I am in awe - the precision and the detail is breathtaking.

Franz Jewelry

These adorable, sea-themed pieces are from the G.G. Santiago Collection.

Idea: Tin Foil Christmas village

Found this on one of the Russian crafting sites, and fell in love with this idea. Seems that all you pretty much need is some embossing soft metal/foil (I believe most well-stocked craft stores would have something like that).

The site does warn against using candles, even tea lights, near a Christmas tree. I would suggest actually going without fire, but instead invest in some fake tea-lights, which are basically small LED lights, shaped like tea lights, and even have that artificial candle-like flicker. They usually come with batteries as well!

Dream coats - Elf gowns from Fairytea

I have to say that stripy things have a special place in my heart. These gowns/coats are amazing. From the bright colors, to the well-matched shades of earthly browns - everything about them screams FUN!

Please make sure to visit the artist's shop on Etsy.

Clay sculptures

I get so excited when I find an artist who has a blog on blogspot. It almost feels like they are like a girl/boy next door, but with superpowers!
Irma Gruenholz is definitely a superhero, with her superior clay sculpting abilities that enchant the heart and inspire the soul!

Please make sure to visit her site and her blog as well (and become a follower).

Fabric Jewelry

These darling creations are from Meg Hannan :
"Right out of the gate I reveled in making art. It soothed my soul and still does. Not to say I haven't found myself in a fight with it from time to time. For me, art is primal as breathing. It’s process of mystery and magic compels and anchors me and explains why I'm here. I cannot imagine my life without it."

Beautiful words about beautiful creations. Please visit the artist's site, as well as her Etsy shop!

Quilts and Tapestries - Tom Atkins

"The work here shows my journey into the relationship of beads and fabric.
It started when I was rear-ended on the freeway and couldn't do sculpture any more. I could, however, manage fabric and beads. Since I needed a new job, I began to explore the relationships between beaded and quilted surfaces and how they relate. I wanted to see beads as an integral part of the design, not just sitting on the surface. Beads and fabric complementing one another, neither one predominating, balanced. These quilts are the results of my explorations to find that balance."

- Tom Atkins

That's quite a story, and what amazing work! He mentions that his sister, Robin Atkins, has been his mentor and inspiration (I intend to feature her site on my blog as well). I am quite in love with beads and his work.